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Don’t Buy That Glamping Unit…..until you read this

May 31, 2023

Adding Glamping units to your RV Park/ Resort/ Campground is currently all the rage.  There is a lot of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) going on. We are seeing owners adding Glamping to their parks without thinking things through.

There are a number of issues I am going to direct your attention to before you make that decision to jump in.

1.)  Is Your Front Desk Up To The Challenge?

Have you listened to how the phone is being answered at the front desk?  Does it sound something like this?

Example #1

Front Desk:      “XYZ RV Park”

Or something like this?

Example #2

Front Desk       “Hello this is [staff name] at [park name]how may I assist you today?”

If you answered with Example #2, you are 20% of the way to being ready to go for that Glamping unit.

2.)  How Large is your Housekeeping staff?

You have staff for:






But does that staff have enough time and equipment to add in:

Glamping units on a daily basis

Making up beds daily

Additional laundry for the premium linens in the Glamping units?

If you answered yes, you just made another 20% advance to being ready.

3.)  Is Your Maintenance Staff Geared Up for the Additional Needs?

Not only will your maintenance staff need to clean out the fire pits daily, they will also need to understand the specific needs of your type of Glamping Unit.  Taking care of a Tipi isn’t the same as taking care of a cabin.

You have the staff trained and ready?  Another 20%.

4.)  What Amenities are you adding?

Glamping isn’t just about the structures in your park, it is also about the amenities you are providing.

Are you offering premium bedding? Private hot tub? Continental breakfast?

Are your activities geared towards the stereotypical crafts for the kids?

You may need to add hiking trails, fishing guide, or other adult activities that you haven’t provided in the past.

You’ve thought about that and have plans in place?  Another 20%.

5.)  Can your Staff provide Concierge services?

Have you made sure that your staff has experienced the local attractions?  Can they truthfully tell your Glamping guests that the local winery has exceptional wines?  Can they recommend trying the zip line just down the road because they have tried it?

For me, asking a staff person about a local attraction only to be told “I hear it is nice” or “Don’t know, haven’t gone there” is a definite FAIL.

Staff is ready?  Another 20%.

If you don’t have 100% of these in place, don’t buy that Glamping unit until you do.  Your guests will be sorely disappointed and your reviews are going to suffer.

Need help or want to review your current status, just put us on your calendar and we will give you a call.

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