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How Has Focused on Management Made a Difference?

RV parks can cover a wide range of different management requirements.

Take a look at some of our case studies below and see if these are the kinds of results you would like to see.



Blue Water RV Resort is a brand-new Galveston, Texas area RV Resort with 200 sites that opened in the spring of 2019. In January of 2019, I was contacted by the managing partner and asked to help them get the office infrastructure in place to ensure that they were ready to open in March. We agreed that our contract would start on February 1, 2019.

I began working with Mark identifying the park needs such as employees, software, hardware and vendors and quickly realized that it would be very difficult if not impossible to meet his desired March opening. There were a number of critical areas both in the construction arena as well as in the office arena that were far behind schedule.


  1. Identify and install all software needs:
    • Reservation software
    • Accounting software
    • Credit Card processing
  2. Identify and purchase hardware:
    • Front Office
    • Back Office
  3. Established team requirements, hire, train to fill needs:
    • Maintenance workers
    • Front Office employees
    • Management Couple
  4. Create policies and procedures:
    • Office
    • Maintenance

Website, collateral materials, digital marketing requirements established.


Park opened on April 8, 2019, one month later than planned and experienced 100% capacity for its first holiday weekend. Park Reviews are at 5 stars on both and



I had worked with Eli in the past on his social media efforts for his MH parks so when he decided to enter the Outdoor Hospitality arena he gave me a call. After discussing what he needed, we decided to enter into a limited contract to bring him and his staff up to speed on managing this type of property.

During the contract time frame, BoaVida RV Parks and Resorts bought 3 RV parks ranging from 100 to 151 sites.


  • Establish consistent policies and procedures at the corporate level.
  • Educate staff on infrastructure issues to look for when reviewing potential park buys.
  • Create collateral materials to be used in marketing each of the parks.
  • Educate corporate staff on onboarding of parks into the corporate arena.
  • Corporate website was designed providing a cohesive look for parks that aren’t necessarily alike.
  • Reservation software was incorporated to replace the manual methodology used for some parks.
  • A one-year marketing plan was created and put into place.


The corporate staff was brought up to speed and able to onboard parks with minor assistance after 3 months. Consistent policies and procedures ensured that while the parks aren’t necessarily alike, they adhere to a common process.

Instead of just consulting you, we work with you on finding and fixing the problems that are keeping your business from being as successful as it should.

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