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Who is Focused on Management?

Been there, done that.

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If you want to know how I know what I know, here is a quick rundown:

I have always been a believer in learning an industry from the ground up and that is exactly what I did.

In 2002, my husband and I were full time RVing after successful corporate lives in the Aerospace industry. While staying in an RV park, we were introduced to Workamping. I began by working at the front desk of a park that used paper spreadsheets to schedule their reservations, while my husband worked outside helping RVer’s find their site and doing minor maintenance work.

In 2005, we began work for Legacy RV Resorts at their Albuquerque park as workampers. The Regional Supervisors approached us about becoming Managers for the Miami, Florida property and thus began my entry into the management level of RV parks.

In 2009, I was approached by the owner of Legacy RV Resorts and I was offered the position of Marketing for his 14 nationwide parks, which I accepted.

After successfully booking large groups (100+ sites) for the various properties, I met with the owner to discuss my opening my own company to provide marketing services for more than his 14 parks. We agreed that it would be a good move for me and so in 2011 FocusedWords was born.

Starting as a marketing consulting firm, FocusedWords has now morphed into FocusedOnManagement, which provides services covering all aspects of managing an RV Park/Resort/Campground such as finding qualified employees, auditing reservation systems versus accounting systems, written policies/procedures manuals, and much more.

My background, both in the corporate world and in the Outdoor Hospitality industry, has given me the ability to quickly understand what you need and to determine how I can help you.

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