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Avoiding That Most Dreaded of Reviews

May 3, 2023

I have a superpower that you may not know about.  I can tell you both when you

are going to get a bad review and why the review is so bad.

Have you ever noticed that your bad reviews tend to have a lot of complaints that you consider as minor? Do you tend to chalk up names of your employees in the bad reviews as being “personality” clashes?

Have you often wondered what really went wrong with this guest that would prompt them to give you such a bad review?  I can help you identify bad reviews in the making.  Then you can take action to prevent the bad review from moving from the park to the metaverse.


TL:DR.  Equip your staff with training in Conflict Resolution


Creating the Urge to Write a Bad Review

Bad reviews start at the first interaction the guest has with one of your park representatives that ends less than satisfactorily.

The complaint may seem minor to the employee being addressed but without understanding the background, the complaint can quickly escalate in the mind of the guest.

When the guest first brings up the issue, does the person he/she is talking with take responsibility for correcting the problem?  Or does that person say something along the lines of “I’ll let the office know”?  That employee has just created the urge to write a bad review.  Without some intervention, that review is going to be written.


Listening for the Why of a Bad Review

Learning to listen is one of the first ways that any employee can avoid a bad review being created.

Train your employees to quietly listen, make eye contact and express empathy with the guest.  Just because you express empathy, it does not mean that you agree with the complaint.

By listening for the why the guest is unhappy, the employee has taken a giant step towards resolving the issue.


Acting to Resolve the Complaint

Sometimes, the resolution to the complaint is to merely give the guest a chance to vent.  They may have had a tough trip getting to your RV Park/Resort/Campground.  Maybe they aren’t talented at backing into a site (been there, done that.).

Just hearing the person out until they realize that their complaint isn’t about you, or the park is enough to resolve the problem.

Otherwise, the employee needs to work with the guest and the person that they believe can solve the issue.  But, no matter what happens, the employee owns the problem.  By stopping by later in the day to check on the guest to verify resolution goes a long way towards making a happy guest.


The Guest is Always Right, Usually


As the park manager, send an email to the guest explaining the problem as you understand it, including any resolution if there was one.  You have now established that you are interested in the guest’s issue and want to ensure their enjoyment of the park during their stay.

When the bad review comes along, you can refer to this email to show that you were actively trying to resolve the problem.


Training for Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution isn’t just a skill; it is first and foremost, a mindset.

Have ongoing training and support for all your employees in Conflict Resolution. Regularly check with your employees and provide feedback on how a specific conflict was handled.  By doing so in a staff meeting environment, you will give your employees the chance to learn from each other.

Make sure all employees understand the three “C’s” of effective conflict resolution: Communication, Consistency and Composure.  Talk to the guest, make sure that the approach is consistent for all guests and above all else, Stay Calm.

And, most importantly, empower your employees  to work collaboratively with the guest. The key is to arrive at a solution that meets the guests needs but stays within the RV Park/Resort/Campground policies.

Now your employees are equipped with the techniques they need keeping your guests happy and enthusiastic about referring your park.

If you need help creating your Conflict Resolution training class, give us a 337-735-4070,or schedule a meeting with us.

As always, Focused On Management is happy to help walk you through problems to arrive at solutions.


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