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To Front Desk or Not To Front Desk

May 10, 2023

Something that has been bothering me for a while now.  Why are we stuck on having the typical Front Desk/Counter?  Is it because that is the way we have always done it?  Is it because we don’t want to think about changing?  Or is it because the Front Desk is serving its purpose and we don’t want to rock the ship

Today’s reservation systems allow us to use iPads/tablets as well as desktops to access our bookings.  In fact, we are now at the point that guests can check themselves in, so my question is now “What purpose do Front Desk/Counters serve besides taking up valuable floor space?


TL:DR  Ditch the counter, rename staff, retrain staff, invest in iPads/Tablets for your Guest Specialists.


First On the Docket

  1. Let’s change the name of our reservationists to Guest Specialist
  2. Let’s change our training from solely how to enter data into the reservation system to how to make our guests feel special from the minute they choose us over our competition.
  3. Tear out the Front Desk and replace it with 2-3 High Tops from your local used restaurant equipment supplier.

Step Two

  1. Train your Guest Specialists on how to greet your guests at the front door with their iPad/tablet in hand. ( I’m not advocating meeting guests at their RV just yet, but this is where I think we should head.). Be sure you emphasize eye contact.
  2. Escort the guest to one of the Hi Tops to finalize registration. (BTW, if the guest has paid in full, why do we insist that they come into the office to register?  They should already be registered and ready to escort to their site.  I will expand on this later.)
  3. Keep full focus on the guest and have the Guest Specialist provide the guest with a business card with their name, the Wi-Fi password, and any codes the guest may need to access the amenities in the park.

Step Three 

  1. After completing the registration, the Guest Specialist now escorts the guest to their site and offers to help them into their site.
  2. Provide the Guest Specialist with a give-away such as a bundle of wood, 2-3 16 oz bottles of water, or coupons for the restaurant.
  3. Let the guest know that if they have any issues, they can ask for the Guest Specialist by name or ask any employee for help.


What Have You Accomplished?

  1. You have made the guest feel welcome and special from the moment they open the office door.
  2. You have opened valuable floor space for more merchandise, or more seating for your lobby area.
  3. You have decreased the amount of time that your maintenance people need to take away from their normal activities by not having them escort the guests.
  4. You have provided a seamless transaction from the point of entry to the point of settling in for your guest.
  5. You have cleared out the inevitable clutter that a Front Desk/Counter encourages. Do you really need all that paper laying around?
  6. And lastly, you have given your Front Desk clerks a new title along with new responsibility which will generate better customer service.

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