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Unleash the Power of Nature with an Outdoor Fitness Circuit and Empower Remote Workers with a Business Center!

July 21, 2023

Many clients developing new RV parks/Resorts/Campgrounds are planning to have gyms located in their office, store, or clubhouse area. And many RV parks/Resorts/Campgrounds already have indoor gyms.

I must be honest with you here.  I have seen very little to justify the $1,000 to $2,000 minimum needed for equipment for a gym.  Anecdotally, in a seasonal park, I have seen maybe 3 guests maximum using a park gym one to two times a week.

Is this a profitable use of space?  I think not


Let’s Rethink Usage

Now I’m not going to suggest that you just forget about your guest’s exercise regime.  Instead, I am going to suggest that you move that same concept outdoors.

Begin by measuring the best route around the park.  Order signs to mark off where the measured walk/run starts and ends.

If you can, I would suggest that you order signs for intervals such as ¼ mile, ½ mile, ¾ mile and the last one that says something along the lines of “Congratulations! 1 mile”

If you only have a small area that you want to identify, then indicate how many laps it will take to make 1mile.


Bump It Up A Notch

If you want to take it to the next level, look at adding some workout stations.  These needn’t be elaborate.

Stairs, benches and low barriers, walls are a few of the simple items that can be installed at various points in your Outdoor Fitness Circuit.  Outdoor Workout Guide

Need more ideas to give your guest in how to use your OFC?  Check out Men’s Journal for ideas.

Or how about giving them an idea of what they can do without leaving their site.

And finally, you may be able to find some workout ideas to suggest to your guests here.


Why Should I Bother?

There are several benefits to creating an outdoor workout circuit in your RV park:

   Increased Guest Satisfaction:

Guests of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy outdoor workout circuits, which adds another dimension of recreational opportunities to your park.


Given the lack of equipment and minimal upkeep required, the cost of creating an outdoor workout circuit is significantly less.

    Utilization of Natural Environment:

Outdoor workout circuits take advantage of the natural environment, which provides a refreshing change of scenery for your guests from the indoor gym atmosphere.


What Do You Do with That Empty Space That Was Planned For Gym Equipment?

Now that we have emptied that space and are no longer spending the monies on exercise equipment, what do we do with the space?

Instead of WFH, How about setting up desk space for WWT (Work While Traveling)?

StartUpBonsai released statistics for 2023 that found the following:

44% of remote workers said that they travel while working between a week or a month per year. 25% responded to the survey to say that they worked while traveling for more than one month of the year.  (That could sure get you through a dry period.)

To cater to this growing population, consider replacing your traditional indoor gym with a business center that caters to Work While Traveling (WWT) guests.

A business center can provide guests with a professional setting to work, conduct virtual meetings, and stay connected to work while on the road.

By replacing the indoor gym with a business center, you’re recognizing the changing needs of your guests.  And you are providing them with a valuable resource while staying at your park. AKA Win/Win


Benefits of Replacing the Indoor Gym with a Business Center

There are several benefits to replacing the indoor gym with a business center for WWT guests:

   Meeting Guests’ Changing Needs:

With more people working while traveling than ever before, providing a   professional work environment has never been more in demand.


By replacing the indoor gym with a business center, you’re catering to guests’   evolving needs.  And you’re also cutting down on expenses related to gym        maintenance and equipment.

     Improved Guest Experience:

A business center provides added value to your guests, improving their overall experience and making your RV park stand out from competitors.



Creating an outdoor workout circuit and replacing the indoor gym with a business center for WFH guests are two ways to elevate the experience of your guests.

By providing versatile, natural, and efficient options, you’re catering to guests’ changing needs without breaking the budget.

Remember that happy guests improve your business’s reputation and can lead to repeat customers and positive reviews.


TL:DR. Make Your Floor Space Profitable


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